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When envisioning your forever home, you want a space that combines timeless beauty, exceptional durability, and a connection to nature. Timber frame homes offer a unique and captivating option that can fulfill these aspirations.  Timber framing (Holzfachwerk in German) is created by artisans who still use traditional methods. Our founder, Randy Gillen, was able to learn these time-honored skills from a master German custom-home builder, whose ancestral homeland of Germany is well-known for this type of architecture. Randy combines the best of old-world knowledge with modern building requirements. Our team is extra-passionate about timber frame construction and loves showcasing our craftsmanship while being a steward of time-honored traditions.

Aesthetics That Stands the Test of Time: The timber frame is the earliest form of wood construction and has been around for hundreds of years. In fact, there are still timber frame structures that have endured the test of time and are over 1,000 years old. Timber frame and log cabins exude a timeless charm and natural beauty that never goes out of style. The exposed wooden beams and the rustic appeal of log walls create a warm and inviting atmosphere that fosters a sense of coziness and tranquility. A timber frame home blends harmoniously with its natural surroundings, creating a truly idyllic retreat.

Exceptional Durability and Longevity: Timber frame homes are renowned for their durability and longevity. The structural integrity of these homes relies on the strength and reliability of timber. Timber frame homes endure for generations when properly constructed and maintained. The natural properties of wood, such as resistance to extreme weather conditions and pests, contribute to their long lifespan, making them a solid investment for your forever home.

Emotional Connection and Heritage: A certain emotional connection comes with living in a timber frame home. These homes evoke a sense of nostalgia and remind us of simpler times. They carry a sense of heritage and tradition, representing a way of life deeply rooted in nature. Building your forever home as a timber frame allows you to be part of a rich architectural history and create a legacy for future generations.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Timber’s excellent insulating properties contribute to energy efficiency in timber frame homes. The thick log walls or well-insulated timber frames help regulate indoor temperatures, reducing reliance on heating and cooling systems. This energy efficiency translates into lower utility bills and a reduced environmental impact. Choosing a timber frame allows you to embrace sustainability and enjoy a comfortable, eco-friendly living space.

Connection with Nature: Living in a timber frame home allows you to connect with nature on a deeper level. The organic materials used in these homes create a harmonious and grounding environment. The natural scent of timber and the proximity to wood elements provide a soothing and therapeutic experience. Additionally, large windows and open floor plans can maximize views of the surrounding landscape, bringing nature’s beauty into your living space.

Customization and Flexibility: Timber frame homes offer immense flexibility in terms of design and customization. These homes can be tailored to suit your preferences, whether you prefer a traditional rustic look or a more contemporary design. The versatility of timber construction allows for open floor plans, soaring ceilings, and the incorporation of unique architectural features. With a timber frame, you have the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind forever home that reflects your individuality and lifestyle.

Choosing a timber frame for your forever home combines aesthetics, durability, sustainability, and a deep connection with nature. The timeless beauty, exceptional longevity, and customizability of these structures make them ideal for creating a home that will endure and provide a lifetime of cherished memories. Embrace the allure of timber construction and embark on a journey to build your dream forever home that celebrates the essence of nature and offers an unparalleled living experience.

We can use timber frame construction for custom homes, barns, cabins, commercial buildings, and more. Will your forever home be a timber build? Call (970) 214-0976 or click here to get started on your dream project!